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      中文版-EnglishHello,Welcome to xuzhou qiankun mining equipment Co.,LTDoffice website!
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      View detailsWhat cable accessories include?

      Accessories include Kent shackle, shackle, A type, B type swivel shackle end shackle, swivel, swive...2017-2-16

      View detailsMarine anchor chain how to maintain?

      Often due to friction and seawater erosion of marine anchor chain, will have serious corrosion, pre...2017-2-16

      View detailsMarine anchor chain how to prevent rust?

      The ship's anchor year-round in the sea water, vulnerable to seawater corrosion, so often coated wi...2017-2-16

      View detailsThe reason why the ship dropped anchor?

      The reason for losing the anchor of Xuzhou Qiankun mining equipment Co. Ltd. has a unique opinion, ...2017-2-16

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